PVAA is committed to making sure our coaches are well-trained, not only in the skills required for their respective sports, but more importantly to reflect the core mission and values of the PVAA.  Above all else, youth sports should be fun, with an emphasis on player development over game outcomes.

In conjunction with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), PVAA has developed a coaches training program that combines the convenience of on-line training with general coaching and sport specific training. Each sport will provide specific instructions regarding certification and training. For more information on how to become a certified PVAA coach, please contact the Commissioner of the sport in which you are interested in coaching.

In addition, all potential PVAA coaches must submit to a background check. All prospective coaches MUST provide their social security number to PVAA as well as other relevant information for a background check to meet the local and state requirements. ¬†This is a non-negotiable requirement to coach in St. John’s County for the PVAA.